Battle of The Giant TV…

Battle of The Giant TV…

Has started!! Panasonic’s latest 145 inch 8K PDP Super Hi Vision television was on display at IFA 2012, and it’s fair to say that the image quality will blow your mind. With 4K yet to become familiar site in the living room, the ultra high definition tech remains a fantasy product for most at the moment, but its potential is clear to see.The plasma display, created in conjunction with broadcaster NHK, shows off the next generation of next-gen of televisions, with a massive 145-inch screen & 10ft 6in wide frame, allowing for a jaw-dropping experience. The price is still to be confirmed but you’ll be looking around £16,000 to get one of these bad boys in your home! If you have the space for it!!



Added on: August 31st, 2012


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