How Does A Brand Become A Religion?

How Does A Brand Become A Religion?

Another amazing documentary by  Alex Riley. In this episode he is trying to find out how these brands – such as Apple, Microsoft and Google – have grown so explosively to become some of the world’s biggest companies. He toured three continents to visit their headquarters, talk to fans and find the inside story on why we hand over our money to them.

Witnessing the sheer scale of technology’s takeover up close was breathtaking. Facebook didn’t even exist seven years ago; now the brand is worth £32bn. Enabling people to communicate will help a brand.

In India he visited Nokia’s biggest phone factory, churning out handsets at a time when India alone is adding 20 million new mobile-phone subscribers every month. How can this be possible? He asked people from the slums of Delhi to the streets of London and Chicago who they call most on their mobile phones and the answer was always the same: friends and family.

Like Apple, mobile phones and social networks offer an opportunity for us to express our basic human need to communicate. And it’s by tapping into our basic needs, like gossip, religion or sex that these brands are taking over our world at such lightning speed. That’s not to say that clever marketing and brilliant technical innovation aren’t also crucial, but it seems that if you’re not providing a service which is of potential interest to every one of the 6.9 billion human beings on the planet, the chances are you’re never going to become a technology superbrand.

Added on: August 14th, 2012


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