Gangland: The Real Sopranos

Gangland: The Real Sopranos

The DeCavalcantes were always, by mob standards anyway, minor players in the estimated $50 to 90-billion-a-year, ah (what the hell do you call it?), industry. In fact, the five families of New York called them “the farmers” and thought of them as country bumpkins.

In fact, when the NY families started to break down, the DeCavalcantes took over.

But in 1998, in an attempt to impress the DeCavalcantes, a wannabe named Ralph Guarino robbed Bank of America of $1.6M in broad daylight. The moron and his co-morons in crime, however, made two fatal mistakes: They took the wrong bags from the bank and ended up with foreign currency. They also forgot about security cameras which videotaped the whole thing.

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