Breakdance – “No Stopping Us”

Breakdance – “No Stopping Us”

Out in the street You don’t survive by being weak

- Ollie & Jerry

Breakin’, released as Breakdance: The Movie in some countries, is a 1984 breakdancing-themed film. It was directed by Joel Silberg. The film setting was inspired by a German documentary entitled Breakin’ and Enterin set in the Los Angeles multi-racial hip hop club Radiotron, based out of Macarthur Park in Los Angeles. Many of the artists and dancers, including Ice-T (who makes his movie debut as a club MC) and Boogaloo Shrimp went straight from Breakin’ and Enterin’ to star in Breakin’. Ice-T has stated that he considers the film and his own performance in it to be “wack”.[1]

The music score featured the hits “Breakin’… There’s No Stopping Us” by Ollie & Jerry and “Freakshow on the Dance Floor”. Breakin’ was followed by a sequel, Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo.


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