And you think you’ve struggled…

And you think you’ve struggled…

“Black Purdue” The documentary is based on a time when black students were denied campus food and housing, were barred from campus social life, and banned from college sports. It records the subsequent decades of struggle, the on-campus protests in the 1960s and the steady progress over the years that accorded black students equal rights.
“To witness the transformation that both Purdue and its black population underwent over the years is inspirational and it makes us believe in the power of change,” said Derek Fordjour, one of the documentary’s two directors. “Having watched the movie, the audience will be left with a sense of hope.” This is the first time a movie has been made about African-Americans at Purdue.
Black Purdue features significant African-American Purdue alums like Frieda Parker Jefferson, a 1950 graduate who was denied on-campus housing and later won admission into the residence halls when her father approached the Indiana governor. It also includes interviews with Anthony Harris, a 1975 Purdue graduate who founded the National Society of Black Engineers.

Added on: March 25th, 2012


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