Welcome To The Big-Money World Of

Welcome To The Big-Money World Of

Professional Computer Gaming! Meet the next generation of sports celebrities. What’s different is that these pro-athletes compete on a virtual playing field, earning big money playing the world’s most popular online game.
At a packed Los Angeles arena, thousands of fans cheer on their gaming heroes. With prize money of up to $1 million per tournament at stake, this is a serious business for the competitors. “I train eight hours a day”, says League of Legends pro, Mitch. Every day more than 12 million people play the game, and every second 10 new games start. Live stream views of the World Championship tournaments reach 32 million. “I think anyone from 16 to 18 right now could easily earn six figures in a year, just playing League of Legends.”

Added on: February 12th, 2015


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