The True King Of Cocaine

The True King Of Cocaine

Documentary | “The Rayful Edmund Story”. He made $300m by the age of 22 selling 2,000 keys a week. He reaped gross profits of $70 million a month, and ran an operation with over 150 soldiers to support him. In his life champagne flowed like water, trips to Vegas, New York, and Los Angeles were the norm, and $150,000 shopping sprees were nothing. At the height of Washington, D.C.s brutal crack epidemic in 1987, there was a 22 year old man responsible for distributing 90% percent of Columbian Cocaine onto the citys streets. This man is Rayful Edmond III. In the medias eyes he was guilty until proven innocent, but in the streets eyes he was a hero who made it to the top. This is his story.”

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