Bodybuilding On A Budget

Bodybuilding On A Budget

Learn how to get on a muscle building diet without spending much money. This video will show you exactly what you need to eat if your on a budget but still want to fuel your muscles and get the ripped body you’ve always wanted.

1:03 Make pb & j sandwich: I love these sandwiches, they not only taste great but the peanut butter will help you get huge.

1:49 Protein powder shakes: If you’re on a budget, go get the biggest and the cheapest protein. It doesn’t matter what kind of protien it is as long as your getting protein to build your muscles.

3:00 Ritz crackers: They are convenient, taste great and very high in calories — perfect for getting huge.

3:37 Leg quarters: Cheapest and the highest protein source you can get.

4:39 Whole milk: A cup of milk has a ton of calories and is also is a great source of protein.

5:23 Add sauce: Adding sauce, will help add extra calories to everything you eat.

5:36 Eat your friends food: Don’t be shy, ask your friends if you can have their food. You’ll be shocked at how much food you can get from other people.

I hope this helps you put on some more mass.

Added on: March 14th, 2013


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