Black Card Living

Black Card Living

Forget the standard green and blue. Silver, gold and platinum don’t even come close. If you want the ultimate credit card, you want titanium (literally) and the color you’re after is black! Most credit cards would be fighting tooth and nail to get you to sign up with them if you have superior credit, but there is one credit card that operates a bit differently: The Centurion Black card from American Express (also commonly referred to as the “Black Card” – there is also a Centurion Platinum card which should not be confused) The Black Card is so exclusive that you aren’t even able to apply for it – the only way to get one is by receiving a special invitation from American Express. Currently there are estimated to be less than 10,000 Black Cards in existence worldwide.

The Black Card began as a rumor in the 1980s that certain celebrities and dignitaries were being given a credit card from American Express that could buy anything with no limits (which happened to be black). There is no solid proof that the Black Card existed during this time, although some continue to insist it did exist. Either way, as rumors mounted about this exclusive black card, American Express decided to capitalize on the free publicity and launched the Black Card in 1999. Those who were first invited were Centurion Platinum card members who were supposedly spending a minimum of $150,000 a year.

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