Bridging The Gap

Bridging The Gap

Between Hip Hop and History: spark conversation amongst youth and adults alike to look deeper into the stories about American history that are not often told. We want our youth who are influenced by the culture of hip-hop to learn from Americas past to help shape the future for themselves and their peers in Hip-Hop Culture. In Bridging The Gap Between History & Hip-Hop: Black Wall Street, Greenwood Tulsa, Oklahoma 1921 we introduce the story told by a group of successful African Americans, of a 36-square block section of North Tulsa, Oklahoma where over 600 thriving African American businesses prospered. Numerous educated African American doctors, lawyers, teachers, business owners, oil men and entrepreneurs actually controlled their own destinies in a society that prevented them from venturing into other parts of the city. Strict Jim Crow laws were set-up and made it illegal for African Americans to go into other parts of the city, except to work for a White family or business. Curfew laws were set up and were strictly enforced. At one point, something fascinating began to happen – the black dollar was circulating throughout the African American community numerous times. There were several African American millionaires and dozens of wealthy African American business owners who actually made Black Wall Street successful. They owned private airplanes, a bus line, restaurants, general stores, feed and grain stores, beauty salons, real estate companies, nightclubs, hotels, a bank, schools, churches and two theaters- one of which had over seven hundred seats. During those times the KKK practically owned and controlled the entire state of Oklahoma. They eventually set out to systematically destroy this major African American economic movement in their midst. Afterwards we ask a series of questions to this group of successful African Americans in hopes of taking what the community of Black Wall Street started back in the early 1900s and now implementing it in todays time with the culture of Hip-Hop. If you dont know, now you know — The Notorious B.I.G.  features: Datwon Thomas, Pastor A.R. Bernard, Geoffrey Canada, Danny Simmons, Eric Nicks, Tony Steele, Prodigy, Kim Osorio, J. Jesses Smith, Lloyd Porter, Bill Hill, Devasha Lloyd and Brannon Wood Fin.

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