Xmas Gift For The 1%

Xmas Gift For The 1%

For whom money is no object, Neiman Marcus Christmas Book has the gift choices for ultimate shopping indulgence. For 86 years, the luxury retailer has been offering the fantasy gift options for the filthy rich with a penchant for the finest. “Once again there is something for everyone – from the luxury watch collector, to the video game aficionado, to the backyard farmer,” said John Koryl, President of Neiman Marcus Direct. All nine of the fantasy gifts offered in the gift guide features a certain percentage for charity, so it sure would leave a mark on one’s bank balance, but not on the conscience. We at Wehustle.co.uk, will bring you the whole list over the next couple of weeks! Lets see how ridiculous this gets!!!

Added on: October 12th, 2012


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